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Morning Care vs Water

It's tough to talk sh*t about water when it's kind of a necessity for all life.* But when it comes to taking care of hangovers, Morning Care has water beat.

Yes — water is an ingredient in Morning Care, but we've added curcumin (turmeric), milk thistle, and soybean extract to protect your insides and aid in the hangover recovery process. Water — though really good for your body on a regular basis — just can't compete.

Morning Care Hangover Remedy Recovery Drink vs Water


Morning Care vs Hangover Pills

Morning Care was created with natural ingredients and extracts because our bodies were meant to absorb things from nature. As Morning Care was being developed, we chose to make our product a liquid because of how quickly liquids are absorbed by the body.**

Morning Care is absorbed in less than 4 minutes — compared to hangover pills that take 30 minutes to be absorbed. Not only that, your body uses 98% of liquid extracts and just 39-53% of capsules or tablets. That matters.

Morning Care Hangover Recovery Science Absorption vs Hangover Pills


Morning Care vs Our Competition

So Morning Care is better at reducing hangover symptoms than water, hangover pills, and...our top competitors.

Some hangover drinks boast about electrolytes, synthetic compounds, and even an ingredient or two that we use, but our formula performs better every time.

No more trash talk. The data says it all.

Morning Care Hangover Remedy Recovery Drink vs Competitors



When it comes to hangover recovery, Morning Care is the best — beating every product we've tested it against.

Order Morning Care today and wake up easy.




*except for the kangaroo rat, apparently