Fun Facts

Interesting and Fun Facts about Alcohol

Alcohol production has been known to have started 12,000 years ago.

Most vegetable and almost all types of fruits have a little amount of alcohol in them.

It takes an average of 600 grapes to produce a bottle of red wine.

The national anthem of United States, Star Spangled Banner, was created after a drinking session of men who were humming a drinking song and happened to like the tune which is now the famous US national anthem.

In contrary to the common belief that alcohol increases body temperature, it actually does the opposite.

Bourbon, the office drink of the United States, got its name from Bourbon County in Kentucky. Congress declared it to be official spirit of the US in 1964.

United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the whole world.

The alcohol content of a regular beer, wine or spirit is virtually similar. They produce the same effect in a breathalyzer.

Distilled spirits like gin, brandy, rum and tequila have no amount of carbohydrates, no cholesterol and no fats of any kind.

The body absorbs a mixed drink with carbonated content more quickly than straight shots.

Vikings enjoyed their drinking sessions by drinking alcohol from the skulls of their defeated enemies. They don’t really drink it from the mug or bottle like we thought.

The term “brandy” is coined from the Dutch word “brandewijn,” meaning burnt wine.

In Alaska, it is illegal to feed alcohol to a moose while it is similarly against the law to do the same to fishes of Ohio.

The state of Texas disallows taking more than three sips of beer at a time while you are standing up.

According to researchers, 0.7 percent of the world population is drunk at any given time, which could mean that about 50 million people are drunk right as you are reading this.

A muscular person has a higher tolerance for alcohol than a person with more body fats. The muscle tissues absorb alcohol more efficiently, so it keeps alcohol from reaching the brain.

The Czech Republic is the considered the most beer-drinking country in the entire world, leaving Germany, US, Ireland, and other ‘beer nations’ far behind.

Vodka is the world’s most popular liquor by a large margin, averaging about 5 billion liter consumption annually.