Morning Care Curcumin

Released in 2005,

Morning Care® is a drink that eases the symptoms of hangovers,

and helps to protect the liver from the damage caused by alcohol.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical has been expanding its product line-up

by releasing Morning Care® Plus,

which was recognized its function as a health functional food,

and Morning Care® Lady for women,

which contains hyaluronic acid and collagen

to maintain skin health and prevent swelling after hangovers.

Morning Care® has further strengthened its market dominance

By releasing Morning Care® Curcumin in 2015

which contains Rice Soybean Extract(RSE),

 Curcumin(turmeric) and Milk thistle extract.

It recorded the industry’s top stock keeping unit,

and reached sales of KRW 12 billion in 2015.

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